Are you looking for a fun way to keep your kids busy but teach them skills they need?

Skootle Box is for you. Designed by an occupational therapist it keeps kids busy and works their coordination, strength and dexterity. 

Unbox your child's potential today!!

What is the Skootle box?

I am a parent like you with kids that struggle at school. Having a child with differing abilities can make it tough with the traditional ways of learning. As an occupational therapist I used activities like these to help my children build the skills needed for school and everyday activities.  They helped my children so I thought I would bring them to you and share with you how I did it. 

Each month, you’ll receive a new Skootle Box bursting with hand-selected toys and activities proven to unbox your child’s full potential through the power of play.  Included in each box is a guide that outlines different ways to use the activities to promote skill development.  You get access to a private Facebook group to learn more ideas and chat with other parents. 

Check out a sample box video. 

Fine Motor

Activities that focus on pre-printing and printing skills such as pinch, grip and finger movements.


Activities that focus on using both hands at the same time. 


Activities that focus on helping kids self regulate with calming activities and stimulating activities.


Activities that focus on building the muscles needed to hold objects and stabilize joints.

How It Works

1. Set your preferences

Try one box or sign up for the monthly subscription. 

2. We curate your box

An Occupational Therapist picks activities that are geared towards the skills need for fine motor activities or sensory regulations

3. Enjoy & Connect

Work with your child trying the different activities and help them build the skills to help them succeed. Connect with other parents and therapist through our Private Facebook group, access to videos to inspire ideas

What's inside the box?

Each month you will receive between 4-6 activities that work on skills that promote fine motor development, coordination, sensory regulation and strength.  The activities come with instructions on how to use the activities in various ways to promote proper development. 


What people say about Skootle Box

Fantastic open ended activities enjoyed by my 3 boys for screen free play while supporting their learning. 

Alynn and Ivan - parents of 3 boys

So excited to get the Skootle Box with activities that were fun and also helped to build his printing skills

Trang - mom of 4

Activities that kept my kids busy while developing their fine motor skills, coordination, sensory and strength all at the same time. 

Natalie - mom of 3

Boxes start at $55/month

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Unbox your child's potential!

Fun activities for you and your child to promote learning .  Proven methods for better printing, motor skills and improving attention.