Helping parents to help their children succeed

As a busy parent it is hard to find time to go to stores and find an activity that is right for your child. We are taking that stress away and sending you activities to your home. These activities are carefully chosen they come with guided therapy inspired instructions on how to use the activities with your child and what skills it is working on. 


A little about our Skootle Box mission…

As a mom of four, an Occupational Therapist and a parent to one child who had difficulty with sensory regulation and another who struggled with fine motor coordination, its tough to find help.

  I know the struggle it is to find someone to work with your child, the cost involved and the coordination of time.  

Our mission is to bring some of the ideas and strategies that you can easily do at your home so that can work on the skills with your child in a time that works for you. 

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