So what's the catch?

There isn't one. You remain in control. Cancel anytime. Read on to learn more.


Who benefits from the Skootle Box?

The Skootle Box is for all pre-school and lower grade kids.Together we can support the process of meeting your child’s fullest potential and developmental milestones. 

If you think about it your children’s job is to grow and develop. The Skootle Box targets the essential areas of sensory and fine motor skills needed by every child no matter who they are. These are essential because they have an impact on everything from managing emotions to being able to write with their hands at school. 

How do I know Skootle Box items will benefit my child?

Each box comes with a variety of activities from famous brands of toys that are carefully selected by Occupational Therapists who have experience working with kids just like yours. This can be part of a caregiver’s and kid’s journey and transform learning and development into fun.  Rest assure that each Skootle Box comes with a “YOU GOT THIS” guide that provides easy step by step instructions to caregivers.

Get started today making immediate and meaningful contributions to your kid’s development and wellness. 

How often do I get a Skootle Box?

You get a Skootle Box once per month. If the Skootle Boxes is ordered by the 1st of the month it will be sent out by the 15th day of the same month. Boxes ordered after the 1st of the month or later will be sent out the following month. 

My child sees a therapist, would the Skootle Box help? 

Yes! We have heard positive stories of caregivers who bring their box to their occupational therapist and use the activities both in session and at home. This is a great way to reinforce learning!

Who recommends a Skootle Box?

We have had parents, parents of kids who have Austism, therapists, and physicians recommend Skootle Box activities to others. This is because the Skootle Box can applied to anyone. All kids are developing and have sensory needs. 

Why shouldn’t I just buy this stuff in a store?

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Behind each box you have experts, including professionals and Kid’s vetting each toy and activity. We test, test, test and test again first. Experts pull together our “secret sauce” activity sheet. Using the Skootle Box will help your return on investment by impacting your kid’s learning, growth, and development as our activities are designed by a village of experts and kids alike!

What if I really love a toy or activity in a Skootle Box, can I get it in the future box?

While each month provides a newly developed set of activities and toys, we understand some might be a favorite. At Skootle Box kids’ development and success is our business. If there is a favorite activity or you required a replacement you can email us at to see what we can do to help by including it in your next box. 

Do you offer any other services? 

We mean business when it comes to children’s physical and mental health and wellness. This is what inspired us to create Skootle Box. The idea of Skootle Box was born out of our observation that parents need simple solutions. We believe small things can have big impacts. 

Our parent organization Enabling Adaptations was inspired by the founder and CEO Sabrina Adair who is a mom of four and navigates the “system” every day. Enabling adaptations helps parents, caregivers, teachers, and professionals to keep your kids on the right track. Understanding your concerns and coming up with simple strategy can often be easier and more effective than one might think. The impact however, can be impressive. If you wish to learn more it might just have a positive impact on the overall mental and physical wellness of your child or children you are working with. Check us out at for more information. 

Are there Discounts on Skootle Box?

We currently have a promotion to try your first box. Enter FIRST15 to get $15 off your first box. 

Are there initiation or cancelling or other fees?

No. Cancel anytime. No questions asked.